Jools was instrumental in my transformation to gain back my health and shape my body. I went from 140kg and 40% body fat, to roughly 90kg and 15% body in a period of 6 months (and still improving). Jools is an expert in body composition, techniques and nutrition. He always follows the cutting edge research and keeps adding to his repertoire. Most personal trainers are there to chit chat with clients…Jools is about results.In addition, Jools was always there for me to answer any question 24/7/365. I would email, call, sms him at anytime (literally). I recall I texted him one night at 3am while reading a fitness book and he replied within 10 minutes (he was watching boxing).It is no surprise I recommended Jools as a personal trainer to another 10 fund managers and investment bankers in the city of London and Mayfair and I am quite happy to offer this recommendation publicly, because he absolutely deserves it.Thank you Jools for supporting my goals.

Omiros D. Sarikas Investment Banker, Private Equity Advisor and Venture Capitalist


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