When traveling is a thing of the norm in your busy schedule you’d better be prepared! Having a back up workout plan if your hotel gym suddenly becomes unavailable or worse, is out of order is essential!

Lucky you have the best piece of workout equipment available to mankind… Yourself!

Bodyweight training is an incredible way of training as long as you know what to do and how to train. Generally speaking, most people exercise for fitness and compositional changes: i.e. fat-loss, muscle building/tone. If this is you keep reading!

Two essential tools I recommend you purchase are:

  1. Skipping rope
  2. Power bands

A skipping rope, if used right has the ability to have you laid in a puddle of sweat in no time and power bands used along side your own bodyweight are a fantastic way to overload muscles the same way weights in a gym would.

Below is an example workout I did for a busy city client who travels internationally 2-3 times per month


3-4 minute dynamic and activation drill into the circuit

Set a Tabata timer (tons downloadable from the apple store)

30 seconds work/ 10 seconds rest x 10 rounds 

  1. Squat jumps
  2. Press-up to twist and reach
  3. Power band squat press (band under feet)
  4. Power band back row (band under both feet)
  5. Skipping

Rest 2 minutes then go again, completing a total of 20 working sets, this can be boxed off in under 20 minutes start to finish!

Hit this circuit every morning while traveling and you’ll have increased focus, and productivity throughout the day to run along side a raging metabolism that’s torching fat and snow balling you towards your compositional goals!

One more thing…

“If composition change is your goal, pass on the evening alcohol drinks and stick to protein and vegetable based dishes with a healthy dressing” 😉

Any questions please post below I’d love to assist. If you’d like more info on my services or would like to book a FREE strategy consult get in touch!


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