You start the day strong. Breakfast perfected. Mid-morning meal perfected. Then you’re faced with back-to-back meetings for 6 solid hours…

Sandwiches arrive along side tea and coffee…

Little sugary treats arrive at the meeting…

After the meeting you walk past a vending machine and think ‘why not?’

BANG your nutrition plan has gone out of the window.

Sound familiar?

This is an all too common scenario that derails city professionals. If solid food isn’t an option it’s vital, vital, VITAL you go in prepared, here are a few essentials I advise my clients

  • Water
  • Protein powder
  • Organic nuts

This can be easily stored in a shaker with screw compartments below making it as simple as simple can be!

Mixing a good quality whey protein powder with water and including a handful of nuts can be a LIFESAVER!

No loss of focus, food cravings and poor food choices resulting in a happier, leaner more confident you!

Any questions please post below. I’d love to assist. If you’d like more info on my services or would like FREE strategy consult get in touch!


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