I used to find it incredibly hard to motivate myself to go to the gym and always found that I wasn’t hitting my targets I was setting myself. But since beginning training with Jools I have found myself exceed all the targets I had at the start and have found myself continually pushing for the next target. Putting just over 18 pounds of lean muscle on in 9 months while also keeping my body-fat at 12%.Training with Jools is both enjoyable and rewarding not only does he set manageable targets and goals but provides all round advice, advising on food and nutrition, different exercising techniques depending on the current goal and in my particular case helping me with my flexibility.Without training from Jools my own training had become stagnant and was not really achieving much but now I can see the result from week to week and look forward to reaching each goal.

Rob Watts Lean Muscle Gain (gained 17 lbs in 9 months)

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