I met Jools when I was at my biggest, a whopping 16 and a half stone.Although I had joined a gym and was running two to three times a week I saw little or no results. I was introduced to Jools and straight away we hit it off and he was friendly and very understanding. We sat down and talked about my lifestyle, nutrition and future goals. Jools told me straight away where I was going wrong and explained the value of good nutrition in a way I found easy to understand. He set me an easy to follow diet plan and we started training the very next day.Within weeks the weight was dropping off.Although training was tough, Jools helped me through it and really encouraged me to be the best I can be. I have now dropped from a 38 inch to a 30 and toned my body far beyond my wildest dreams. I’m so full of life and energy and have gone from being overweight and shy to “ripped” and full of confidence.I would recommend Jools as a personal trainer to any one, not only is he my personal trainer but I consider him as a friend.Thanks mate I would never have done it without you. Not only have you trained my body but you have trained my mind too!

Scott Sumner Fat Loss (lost 72 lbs in 9 months)

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