Personal trainer – Marylebone and Liverpool Street

“We move mountains and pave the path for busy city professionals to transform their physiques and mindset. We empower and inspire individuals to reach their full potential, creating the time and discipline to live a healthy, vibrant life. Exercise and optimal nutrition is the bedrock. It’s our mission to cultivate the positive actions, habits and behaviours required to excel and perform at the highest standard by delivering world-class results.”

Jools’ vast knowledge and dedication to his clients are remarkable. As an entrepreneur, I admire how he manages to balance his clients’ needs whilst also pursuing his own goals and professional development. He always wants to advance, and that is a trait I admire immensely.”

Chris Eames – MD

“Jools is an exceptional PT. As a late 40’s workaholic City CEO, I gave him one job – keep me alive. Now at almost 54, he’s succeeding in his mission with the added bonus I feel 30 again! Can’t recommend highly enough.”

Jeremy Swan – CEO

Jools was instrumental in my transformation from 140kg and 45% body fat to – the latest measures- 90kg and 10% body fat.   This kind of radical mind/body change requires an experienced advisor.  Jools proved not only an expert in fitness and nutrition but a fantastic personal motivator throughout the journey. Thank you Jools

Omiros D. Sarikas -Invest banker, venture capitalist


London Liverpool Street:


280 Bishops Square,


Personal-trainer, gym facility at Marylebone, London

London Marylebone:

105 Wigmore St,

London W1U 1QY

As a personal trainer based in Liverpool Street, and Marylebone London…

“Welcome to Jools Newsome performance, where results are our priority. We specialise in tailored methods that overcome self-imposed barriers and help you become a healthier, leaner, more energetic, and more productive version of yourself.

As a busy professional, I understand your challenges with long days and limited time. With only 168 hours a week, making the most of your time is crucial. Many people set unrealistic expectations and feel confused, lost, and overwhelmed. I focus on simplicity, designing a program and routine that suits your lifestyle. In just 12 weeks, you can achieve a fitter, stronger, leaner, and more confident you.

At Jools Newsome Performance, we empower busy professionals like you to reach their full potential. We create the time and discipline needed to transform not only your physique but also your mindset. By cultivating positive habits and behaviours, we ensure you transform and perform at your highest level.

I hold myself to the highest standard through continuous learning and education, providing world-class unrivalled service. When you choose to work with us, you’re guaranteed to achieve your goals faster while enjoying the journey.

Together, we’re a team. I’m with you every step of the way, guiding you towards your health, fitness, and Mind/body transformation. We’ll navigate the highs and lows through accountability and support, ensuring your self-discipline remains strong.

UNTIL Marleybone Elite Health and Wellness facility

Welcome to our new Marylebone facility, where luxury and wellness meet. Experience an exclusive private gym equipped with top-of-the-line, high-performance training gear designed to elevate your fitness journey.

Whether your goal is to sculpt a lean physique, build muscle, improve strength, or enhance overall health, our gym has everything you need.

Enjoy our premium changing rooms and high-end amenities, ensuring every visit is comfortable and sophisticated.
UNTIL Marylebone, the UK’s first well-care facility that goes beyond the ordinary. London’s top coaches join forces with leading experts in private medical care, dentistry, and wellness, all under one roof, where luxury, health, and performance come together to redefine your well-being.

Model and method

We don’t operate from a bustling commercial gym; instead, we base from a select few private personal training-only facilities. This exclusive setting allows us to focus solely on delivering “maximum results in minimum time.”

With our bespoke approach, we ensure that the time and money you invest in working with us yield measurable returns. Over the course of our partnership, we will help you achieve the maximum results possible.

Our personal training methods have been honed and tailored over the past eight years specifically for busy professionals. We prioritise efficiency and effectiveness to ensure optimal training outcomes.

Every client we work with is unique, uniqueness defines our training programs, tailored to match your goals, needs, and abilities. Embrace maximum results as we sculpt a personalised path exclusively for you.

No shortcuts or quick fixes define our methods and results. We take immense pride in equipping you with the tools, knowledge, and information needed to sustain your achievements. Experience a holistic, vitality-infused life that’s second to none.